Dubai Buying Sand

Dubai Buying Sand

Dubai is situated in the United Arab Emirates and is famously know as the city built within the desert.   With sand easily available in Dubai, it is a surprise to see that authorities have recently purchased large quantities of sand within Europe and orders are still being placed.

The United Arab Emirates have so far ordered 1,500 square meters of the sand which have been specially sifted and is to be used on the oil-rich city’s famous racecourse, ‘Meydan Racecourse.’ Opened in March 2010, the racecourse features a grandstand totalling more than a mile in length and 7.5 million m². Amongst the facilities in the main stand are a series of restaurants, track side hotel rooms, a museum dedicated to racing and 72 executive suites.

Dubai’s local sand is said to be unstable for the horses to race on. The sand is large-grained and rough, making it very bad for horses and unstable to ride on. Officials at Dubai’s race tracks and training yards have chosen the best sand to be imported for their multi-million-pound thoroughbreds.

Grab Hire will be used to deliver the sand. Initially, tipper hire was considered. However, the sand must be placed over walls, so Grab Hire offers the perfect solution. Driver/Operators can use the crane to place the material within 8 meters.

It is just as well that the appropriate material is being used for race days in Dubai – with the worlds richest race day being hosted there every. A staggering $10m is on offer to the winner of the Dubai World Cup race – just think of how much sand you could buy with that!

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